So, this past winter was the season of Witch House for me. Electronic music seems to always supercede other musical arrangements during this half of the year, for its cold/moist Yin sound. And this, being my first post on Music after induction of the GhostGoneRogue Blog, I pay homage to a massive sound which (to me) in many respects, is the Black Metal of Electronic Music.
I’ll start off with this intricately composed, cinematically driven album from Saint Petersburg outfit Lifeless Existence. Their album “esperance.” has generated so much joy in my life, especially while painting and driving.
I hope you enjoy as much as I do!



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    Wow! Patrick, I love love the music. How amazing! Love your website and
    your work. I find that I can look at each piece and get mesmerized….
    Thank you for you!

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